Starting Out

Be sure to check the new parts of the website and register on evolliance trust me it will help a lot.
Latest updates are the addition of the Discussion tab, the addition of the Notices site which should be checked often, and updates to the city building site.

This is general advise for more detailed help look at the City Building tab.

When you build an inn and a feasting hall you should recruit a hero and put them in as mayor.  Check the mayor tab to see why.

Stone is very important early in the game but almost worthless late game, lumber and iron will be the precious commodities later in the game.   Keep this in mind as you build your resource fields.

This is a brand new server so combat and defense are not as important right now but you should build some troops when you can to prepare yourself.  Aim for 1000 of everything up to Cavalry while your still under beginners protection.

All hosts and officers are experienced players so feel free to ask any of us for advise.

All questions should be directed to Isac or Keon.

Check the website often for updates,  see you all in the game